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Over twenty years in business with a combined staff experience totaling more than 100 years, we are the global leader in the fields of vector biology & wildlife research.  Genesis Labs has completed over 2,500 projects in over 60 countries and proven that we provide quality services to our clients.  Our team of highly qualified professionals strives for excellence with every project.


With 30 years of vertebrate pest management and vector-borne disease research, Genesis Labs chooses to not standby while the feral hog epidemic continues to grow. We began working on a solution to the growing feral hog problem in 2000. Since then, Genesis has performed primary and secondary toxicological studies for feral hog baits, leading to the nations very first feral hog toxicant registered by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2017.


At Genesis, we offer unsurpassed expertise in avian research.  Our staff has studied over 200 species worldwide ranging from waterfowl to passerines, in a variety of diverse habitats.  Our services have ranged from research on endangered species from various regions of the world to management plans for nuisance birds, such as Quelia how damage needed food crops in the Sahel of Africa.



Genesis Laboratories has over two decades of experience working with zoonotic and vector borne disease surveillance and vector control.  Our highly trained and diverse staff of rodent and insect specialists has developed innovative solutions for the management of plague, leptospirosis, Lassa fever , leishmaniasis, malaria, and Lyme disease.


Our goal at Genesis is not only to research problems, but to develop solutions.  We take the problem at hand, develop research protocols, discern possible solutions, and develop a product to help solve the problem.  



Our scientists have developed their expertise in over 60 countries. Genesis has the experience and knowledge to assist in developing and implementing natural resource management plans.  Wildlife populations often get out of control and produce large numbers that, without management, can decimate a species and impact the entire ecosystem in which they dwell.  Genesis has worked in an array of ecosystems researching and developing management plans for species such as the African elephant, nutria in U.S. coastal states, and ground squirrel reservoirs of plague in the western U.S.

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Our Analytical Chemistry Laboratory conducts it work under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Guidelines as required by USEPA, Directory 98, and OECD.  Our Analytical Chemistry Lab has extensive experience in analytical method development and validation for a wide array of compounds -- including anticoagulants, antibiotics, organic and inorganic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides in complex matrices such as end-products, biological fluids, tissues, plants, etc.


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