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At Genesis, we offer unsurpassed expertise in avian research.  Our staff has studied
over 200 species worldwide ranging from waterfowl to passerines, in a variety of
diverse habitats.  Our services have ranged from research on endangered species
from various regions of the world to management plans for nuisance birds, such as
Quelia how damage needed food crops in the Sahel of Africa. 
The goal of our research is to assist sponsors in achieving their objectives related to
information on the biology and natural history of certain species, to the control of
overabundant introduced - species, such as the European starling.  Whatever the
requirement of the research, we have the expertise to assist with both domestic and
foreign projects. 

For the conservation and protection of endangered and threatened species that may
be affected by products constantly added to the environment, we offer our experience
in secondary toxicological, repellency studies, population modeling and risk assessment.  Consider our track record, reputation, quick reporting time, and development of solutions to problems that potentially impact endangered or endemic bird species. At Genesis, we are not only specialists in avian studies, but are noted for development of management strategies and solutions to protect the environment.
Avian Research - Laboratory Toxicology                                           Avian Research - Field
Evaluation of pesticides and biopesticides:                                      Repellency testing:
​- Limit testing: songbirds, bobwhite quail, mallards                                - Songbirds, upland game and waterfowl
- LD50 testing: songbirds, bobwhite quail, mallards                               - Secondary hazard testing
- LC50 testing: songbirds, bobwhite quail, mallards                               - Population studies
​- Reproduction testing: bobwhite quail, mallards                                    - Pen studies evaluating pesticide hazard

Bobwhite Quail

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