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Our goal at Genesis is not only to research problems, but to develop solutions.  We take the problem at hand, develop research protocols, discern possible solutions, and develop a product to help solve the problem.  For example:

Rodent-Targeted Insecticidal Bait for Plague Control
Plague has proven to be a problem in the western U.S., and many parts of

the world.  This flea-borne disease has been responsible for killing millions

of humans over the centuries.  Traditional rodent control has involved

blending baits with toxic chemicals to kill the rodent in question.  However,

killing the rodent frees up the fleas to find a new host, and potentially,

spread the plague bacteria.

In 1999, Genesis scientists embarked on screening scores of compounds

that might serve as a control agent when incorporated into rodent baits.

These compounds were intended to not only kill the the targeted rodent,

but also the fleas it hosts. Some insecticides are absorbed into the blood,

are systemic in nature, and are able to kill blood-sucking parasites such as

fleas.  Hundreds of experiments in the lab and field have resulted in products

that can take care of the problem.  Solutions solved!

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