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Our scientists have developed their expertise in over 60 countries and Genesis maintains offices in Colorado, India, Kenya and other regions throughout the world.  Genesis has the experience and knowledge to assist in developing and implementing natural resource management plans.   Wildlife populations often get out of control and produce large numbers that, without management, can decimate a species and impact the entire ecosystem in which they dwell.  Genesis has worked in an array of ecosystems researching and developing management plans for species such as the African elephant, nutria in U.S. coastal states, and ground squirrel reservoirs of plague in the western U.S.

Genesis staff have worked with numerous threatened and endangered

species -- such as the spotted bat, the black-footed ferret, and the

Key Largo wood rat   Our knowledge of wildlife biology, census techniques,

and radio-telemetry has led to solutions for problems around the globe. 

We, at Genesis, have the professional capabilities to reduce overpopulation,

when necessary, and develop sound ecological information on rare species. 

Globally, our planet is plagued by invasive species.  Since the beginning of

history, invasive species such as Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice

journeyed with early settlers to live near humans and exploit their food

resources.  At Genesis, we have over 30 years of product development and

research experience in finding effective and low risk methods of rodent control.  This has led to the EPA approval of over 50 rodent control products in the U.S., currently available to consumers.

Our innovative thinking and problem solving ability have led to research with novel methods of control of invasive species such as nutria and feral hogs.  Nutria have exploited coastal marsh habitats in the southern U.S. to the point of ousting native species, destroying marsh habitat, and spreading disease. Feral hogs are an increasing problem, destroying endangered species habitat and, as the USDA fears, posing a serious threat to the commercial hog production in the U.S. via the potential spread of disease.  Genesis has developed baits to help control these destructive invasive species.

Key Largo Wood Rat

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