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Our Analytical Chemistry Laboratory conducts it work under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Guidelines as required by US EPA, Directory 98, and OECD. Our Analytical Chemistry Lab has extensive experience in analytical method development and validation for a wide array of compounds including anticoagulants, antibiotics, organic and inorganic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides in complex matrices such as end-products, biological fluids, tissues, plants, etc. Chemistry Department has nearly 100 validated methods on a list.

Major analytical methods:
HPLC/ UV, fluorescence detection, IC/ conductivity, Wet chemistry analysis, Physicochemical analysis


Our services include:

Evaluation of purity and strength for active ingredients,

Pesticide screens for water, feeds, and soils

Product Chemistry (OPPTS 830 series):
     Preliminary Analysis 
     Physical State 
     Stability to Normal and Elevated Temperature, Metals, and Metal Ions 
     Oxidation/Reduction: Chemical Incompatibility 
     Storage Stability 
     Corrosion Characteristics 
     Melting Point/ Range
     Boiling Point/Range
     Density/ Relative Density/Bulk Density
     Partition Coefficient (n-Octanol/Water) 
     Water Solubility

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