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Global Research

Genesis Labs is a global leader in pest control, vector control, and wildlife management.  Since 1989, our multidisciplinary team of business and research professionals has completed over 2,500 projects in over 60 countries.   Our cutting-edge independent research is leading the industry in vector-borne disease and pest management.  Our main focus is to create cost-effective and sustainable solutions to diseases of under-served and disadvantaged communities.  We also take pride in our research consulting services which has provided over 20 years of assistance to international organizations.   At Genesis Labs our passion is finding solutions now, so we can make a better tomorrow.


At Genesis Labs we understand that ideas drive innovation and that is why we have contributed over 80 publications, and abstracts to the scientific community.  We have also written hundreds of reports for private, public and government entities through our consulting services.  Our scientific contributions reflect the strengths of our multi-talented team of researchers with backgrounds in pest management, vector biology, infectious disease, wildlife management, toxicology, analytical chemistry, product development, and regulatory management.

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